Tritium Begins Manufacturing EV Fast Chargers at New Tennessee Facility


Tritium DCFC Ltd., a provider of direct current (DC) fast chargers for electric vehicles (EV), has opened its new EV fast charger manufacturing facility, and its first U.S.-based EV fast charger manufacturing facility, located in Lebanon, Tenn. The facility will employ more than 500 Tennesseans over the next five years.

Tritium’s Tennessee facility will initially produce the company’s RTM fast charger. It is expected to start production on the PKM150 early next year. These advanced DC fast chargers are compatible with all EVs; are compact, reliable and cost-effective; and are expected to fulfill requirements for the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act. Additionally, Tritium’s PKM150 fast charger is expected to meet the Federal Highway Administration’s Buy America Act standards in Q1 2023, making that fast charger a candidate for National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program funding.

“The opening of our Tennessee factory is an important milestone for Tritium, for Tennessee and most importantly, for American drivers. As many as 35 million electric vehicles are expected to be in use by 2030 and those vehicles will require more powerful and convenient charging infrastructure,” says Tritium CEO Jane Hunter. “It’s crucial that America’s charging infrastructure is built right here in the U.S. Americans will rely on it to get to work, to school, to doctor’s appointments, and more. It needs to be reliable, and it needs to be able to grow to meet their needs. And when we make chargers here in the U.S., we reduce supply chain and shipping delays, and we help build the manufacturing ecosystem that will employ more Americans.”

Next year, Tritium is expected to produce its PKM150 chargers, which launched in December 2021. Customers can connect up to four PKM150 fast chargers to one power cabinet, saving money on equipment, installation, maintenance and more. The PKM line of chargers are created with swappable modules. This flexibility gives customers the ability to choose between 100kW or 150kW of dual-cable charging station power depending on their business needs.

“I’ve worked in manufacturing for more than 30 years and I can truly say that this new facility is world-class. Like our products, we’ve designed our manufacturing process to be modular and scalable. This design allowed us to bring the Tennessee factory online in five months, which is one of the fastest setup times I’ve experienced in my career,” states Glen Casey, Tritium’s COO. “Our Tennessee staff are exceptionally well-trained and experienced, and I look forward to continuing to work with them to build the fast charger infrastructure required to electrify global transportation.”

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Andrew M., NY
Andrew M., NY
1 year ago

Great company. They will be a big cog in the building of the new-age EV infrastructure in the USA, and also around the globe. The company has top-notch leadership, with a world-wide commitment to the EV age.
We are at the beginning of a new era, one that is on a par with the beginnings of the steam engine, railroads, horseless carriages, flight, space travel, computer/internet, etc. To buy the company’s stock will allow one to invest early in the equivalent of any of the above milestone ages.
Imagine buying into a major producer of gasoline pumps, circa 1905. Wow.