TotalEnergies, China Three Gorges Developing Over 11,000 EV Charge Points


TotalEnergies and China Three Gorges Corp. (CTG, through its two affiliates, CTG Capital and CTG Electric Energy) are establishing a joint venture in electric mobility in China. The company will develop electric vehicle (EV) high-power charging infrastructure and services within the Hubei Province, through the installation and operation of more than 11,000 high power charge points by 2025.

This joint venture will build on TotalEnergies’ electric mobility and CTG capabilities in green energy production and supply. The two companies intend to develop co-branded high-power charging hubs and standalone stations, open to the general public, equipped with 60 kW to 120 kW power charge points and with an average hosting capacity ranging between 20 to 50 vehicles each.

The partners will also build dedicated charging stations on the premises of B2B customers, to meet their needs. Finally, in line with the partners’ respective ambitions to carbon neutrality, the electricity used to power this new network will be produced mostly from renewable sources.

“We share common and important visions with China Three Gorges the ambition to reach carbon neutrality, the undeniable willingness to push for renewable power and the enthusiasm to develop electric mobility,” declares Alexis Vovk, president of marketing and services at TotalEnergies. “Hubei province is a natural ground to launch this cooperation, as both our companies are established there, and to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility in China and to accompany the ongoing growth of Electric Vehicles in the country. This partnership with CTG opens new doors to TotalEnergies for a long-term and widened cooperation with a leader of China’s electric energy.”

“We are very proud to work with the world-leading energy group, TotalEnergies, as we share the common mission of providing clean energies to the world,” says Dr. Jin Heping, chief information officer of CTG Group, responsible for technology and innovation. “New energy vehicles’ charging is an important part of new infrastructures’ construction. It has a broad development prospect, with a strong demand for technological iteration. There is such demand for technological innovation in the fields of big data platforms, equipment system integration and solar energy storage and charging microgrids.”

“Through the cooperation with TotalEnergies, we would like to extend our upstream expertise in clean power generation and power supply to the downstream retail and mobility services business, while creating at the same time a model of technological innovation in the field of new energy vehicle charging,” continues Dr. Heping. “We are looking forward to learn from each other, and to establish a long-term relationship with TotalEnergies in other energy sectors in China and worldwide.”

CTG Corporation, operator of the Three Gorges Dam, is China’s largest clean energy corporation and the world largest hydro-power producer. It has developed more than 30 GW of hydro, wind and solar power generation capacities in China and overseas – namely in Europe – over the past five years. TotalEnergies has been present in Wuhan and in Hubei province since 1995, notably through its network of branded fuel service stations, its lubricant business and its affiliate Hutchinson.

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