The Mobility House, Endera Offer Charging Solutions for Commercial EV Fleets


The Mobility House and Endera have partnered to bring the benefits of electric vehicles (EV) and smart charging to commercial transportation through an integrated technology offering.

Endera designs, sells and services commercial EVs and charging stations, while The Mobility House’s charging and energy management system, ChargePilot, optimizes charging to ensure vehicle readiness and reduce operating expenses. The companies have already delivered their fully-integrated electric shuttles and smart charging solution to two parking operators – ACE Parking and Aladdin Airport Parking – both servicing the San Diego International Airport.

“Commercial transportation is an important segment for reducing carbon emissions on the road, and we see tremendous potential in electrifying the way people get to and from their destinations,” says Endera CEO John Walsh. “The Mobility House is a perfect complement to our fleet services, together offering highly intelligent transportation to customers at the lowest cost of ownership.”

ACE Parking’s electric fleet, which includes 32 Endera shuttle buses, six BTC DC 50 kW chargers and two Proterra DC 60 kW chargers, became operational in February 2022 and averages 5,000 miles driven per day shuttling passengers to and from the San Diego Airport. With The Mobility House’s smart charging and energy management system ChargePilot, ACE Parking is estimated to save $16,000 a year versus unmanaged charging, based on San Diego Gas & Electric’s EV-HP pricing plan. For Aladdin Airport Parking, a fleet of eight Endera shuttles, four BTC 50 kW chargers and two Delta 25 kW DC wallbox chargers were most recently implemented in June 2022.

“We are proud to continue expanding our partnership ecosystem in the U.S. with Endera, joining The Mobility House partners like Audi, New Flyer, Nissan and Mercedes Benz,” comments Gregor Hintler, The Mobility House’s U.S. managing director. “Our projects in San Diego with Endera also mark several milestones for our U.S. team, including our first integration with shuttle EVs, as well as our first Delta charger commissioning.”

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