TEXEL, Triton Collaborate on Hybrid Electric Powertrains for Trucks


TEXEL Energy Storage is partnering with Triton to develop next-generation electric hybrid powertrains for electric vehicles (EV), including Triton electric long-distance semi-trucks.

The TEXEL hybrid technology combines storing and producing energy, much like a combination of lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. The technology is thermochemical, using metal hydrides to store energy and an advanced Stirling engine to convert to electricity.

TEXEL has an exclusive license agreement with Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) to commercialize the thermochemical technology, developed and patented by SRNL, as an important component in the new TEXEL thermochemical hybrid battery.

Triton Electric Vehicle is an American company that is currently manufacturing a new class of electric vehicles in India, with plans of expanding globally.

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