Tennessee Valley Authority Taps Blink for EV Charging Infrastructure


Blink Charging Co., a manufacturer, owner, operator and provider of electric vehicle charging equipment and services, has inked a two-year contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to supply a range of EV charging solutions, including Level 2 charging equipment and DC fast chargers (DCFC) for both public and commercial fleet applications.

“We are excited about the initiative Blink and TVA are creating together to strengthen EV adoption in the Tennessee Valley,” says Blink’s Jim Nemec. “With TVA celebrating its remarkable 90th anniversary as a pioneering and innovative force in the energy and environmental protection fields, we at Blink eagerly embrace the opportunity to align ourselves with this strong, forward-looking organization to help shape the future landscape of transportation electrification.”

Founded in 1933 with the purpose of addressing the Tennessee Valley’s issues in energy, environmental, and economic development, TVA is the nation’s sixth largest power supplier and the largest government-owned electric utility company.

To address drivers’ needs and provide comprehensive support for the diverse array of consumer and fleet EV makes and models, Blink is prepared to deliver and produce on-demand charging equipment. Blink offers chargers of a wide range of power levels, utilizing various standard plugs such as SAE J1772, SAE CCS, NACS, and CHAdeMO. The new agreement provides TVA with access to Blink’s Level 2 Series 7 charger, 50 kW DCFC, 75 kW DCFC and 150 kW DCFC

The TVA has ongoing initiatives and programs designed to promote the growth of EV use in its service territory. TVA has a joint goal with regional EV stakeholders to have 200,000+ EVs on Tennessee Valley roads by 2028.

One area of impact on which TVA is focused is helping to fund and develop a foundational public charger network across its seven-state service area. In 2021, TVA launched the Fast Charge Network program, aimed at strategically deploying public DC fast chargers at intervals not exceeding 50 miles along the main travel corridors within the TVA region.

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