Tennessee County Selects Blink As EV Charging Provider


Blink Charging Co. has been selected as an EV charging solutions provider for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville‐Davidson County (Metro) in Tennessee.

The agreement enables local agencies to acquire Blink’s EV charging equipment for locations across the county, with the chargers being supplied by Blink and owned by Metro.

“Blink is proud to contribute to the development of the EV infrastructure in Nashville and Davidson County,” says Blink’s Jim Nemec. “It is exciting for Blink to have been chosen to play this significant role in the future of a region that is revered for its rich history. Nashville and Davidson County are leading the way to an electrified future with accessible, robust EV charging solutions.”

The Nashville region has become a hotbed of EV development as new facilities continue to be built. The area has also experienced a surge in the number of EVs, with approximately 13,000 registered EV drivers in the county, and this number is continuously rising. This growth, coupled with the county’s own commitment to transitioning to sustainable transportation, prompted the RFP in order to accommodate the growing EV charging needs of both residents and visitors.

Nashville and Davidson county will soon be the home to Blink Charging’s MQ200 and IQ200. The MQ200 is a versatile solution to assist in managing fleets or multi-unit locations, with a fast 50 A output. Blink’s IQ 200 Level 2 AC charging stations produce 80 A of output, providing approximately 65 miles of charge in an hour.

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