TCI Transportation, Evolectric Team Up to Electrify Commercial Fleets


TCI Transportation, a provider of lease and rental solutions for commercial vehicles, has embarked on a partnership with Evolectric, a pioneer in electric vehicle conversion technology. This collaboration underscores TCI’s commitment to sustainability by integrating cutting-edge, environmentally friendly vehicles into its fleet.

“We are excited to add the new Evolectric trucks to our lease and rental fleet,” says John Sappington, executive vice president of Sales & Marketing at TCI Transportation. “These vehicles are lighter than most in their class, allowing for greater payload. Built on the familiar Isuzu N-Series chassis, they ensure easy servicing by our technicians, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Our customers are set to benefit immensely from Evolectric’s innovative CircularEVs.”

“Our collaboration with TCI Transportation is a pivotal step toward scaling up our reach and delivering dependable, world-class commercial EV conversions,” says Jakson Alvarez, Evolectric’s co-CEO and chief financial officer. “Our CircularEV solution is designed to be scalable, reliable and accessible, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of fleet owners worldwide.”

The partnership was cemented with a letter of intent signed by Sappington, outlining the future roadmap for collaboration between the two companies with at least 100 vehicles including the features for future Class 6-7 trucks.

TCI Transportation recently participated in the grand opening of Evolectric’s new headquarters in Rancho Dominguez, California. The event showcased Evolectric’s plans to convert 100,000 vehicles per year to electric using a decentralized service network.

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