Taxi Fleet Using TeraWatt Infrastructure to Support Electric Vehicle Growth


Desert Cab, a taxi service provider in Las Vegas, has selected TeraWatt Infrastructure to further enable its fleet’s electrification with software, operations and maintenance services.

TeraWatt will provide charging management software, O&M service, and EV education and training for Desert Cab drivers. Data acquired from TeraWatt’s platform will be used to improve the efficiency of the charging equipment to further support Desert Cab’s growing EV fleet and refine existing O&M plans currently in practice in the industry.

Desert Cab’s fleet is nearly 10% electrified, with goals to electrify 50% of the fleet over the next two to three years.

“Nevada’s recent sustainability mandates and corresponding investments in new technology have strengthened efforts for fleets of all sizes to begin electrifying,” says George Balaban, owner of Desert Cab. “Partnering with TeraWatt enables us to overcome the challenges associated with fleet electrification and will provide our drivers with the necessary support and resources to embrace electric vehicles.”

“By providing Desert Cab with a tailored set of electrification tools and comprehensive training, we remove the complexities of undergoing a daunting electrification transition,” adds Peter Cohen, director of business development at TeraWatt. “Our mission at TeraWatt is to provide reliable charging solutions that empower fleets to seamlessly advance their sustainability efforts. We’re enthusiastic about partnering with Desert Cab and expanding our presence in Nevada.”

Desert Cab has been operating in Las Vegas for over 50 years. The company, along with its sister company Virgin Valley Taxi, operates approximately 400 taxi cabs.

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