Synop, BorgWarner Working on Vehicle-to-Grid Technologies for EV Fleets


Synop, the operations platform built to optimize charging and energy management for commercial electric fleets, says it has entered into a partnership with BorgWarner to accelerate revenue-generating opportunities for EV fleets using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) capabilities.

The partnership accelerates bidirectional V2G technology and provides monetization opportunities for fleet operators, lowering the overall cost of fleet ownership. Together, the two companies will supply fully integrated hardware and software solutions, establish V2G testing and compatibility best practices, and take V2G technology beyond existing protocols to help optimize fleet operations while supporting utilities and the grid.

“Our collaboration with Synop underscores our shared commitment to lead the transition to eMobility,” says Isabelle McKenzie, president and general manager, BorgWarner Morse Systems. “The partnership will promote V2G capabilities for EV fleets, helping to reduce their carbon footprint and add grid stability while providing the ability to generate revenue by selling energy back to the grid during peak demand hours.”

Beyond V2G, the partnership with BorgWarner, a provider of sustainable mobility solutions for the vehicle market, will help resolve traditional challenges for EV fleets – such as system uptime, resilience to price volatility, and charging mixed fleets – and will manage the total cost of fleet ownership.

From utility programs the companies have jointly participated in, commercial fleets were able to make back a maximum of $12,000 per commercial vehicle over the summer by selling energy back to the grid. By aggregating power from all partners, curtailing demand and stabilizing excess power flow to the grid, utilities were able to better prepare for severe weather events such as heat waves and cold snaps that cause significant strain on the grid.

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