SWTCH, Electric Circuit Integrate Capabilities of EV Charging Stations, Apps


SWTCH Energy, an electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions company for multi-tenant properties across North America, and the Electric Circuit, an EV charging operator and network in Québec, have made their charging stations and apps interoperable. This will make it more seamless for EV drivers to access thousands of charging stations across North America.

SWTCH and Electric Circuit account owners will be able to charge on either network through their preferred network’s mobile app without having to create another account. SWTCH drivers will gain access to an additional 3,800 chargers, including 600 fast-charging stations, in Québec and parts of eastern Ontario; meanwhile, Electric Circuit drivers will be able to access an additional 2,750 chargers at multi-tenant properties across North America. There is no action required by drivers or building owners and managers to enable roaming.

“With forty-six percent of all registered electric vehicles in Canada located in Québec, this agreement with the Electric Circuit allows us to give our drivers more charging opportunities at home, work, and on-the-go,” says Carter Li, SWTCH CEO and co-founder. “We are excited to expand our charging network through roaming and eliminate range anxiety for our users.”

“Electric vehicle owners want to have the freedom to go wherever they want and they want that experience to be as seamless as possible,” states France Lampron, director of energy and mobility solutions at Hydro-Québec. “The new roaming agreement between SWTCH Energy and the Electric Circuit helps us meet that need for our users.”

The roaming integration is enabled by Québec-based ChargeHub’s Passport Hub solution, a platform that lets drivers use multiple charging networks through a single account of their choice. Roaming between the two networks is now live and drivers can use either the SWTCH or Electric Circuit mobile app to easily find, access and pay for charging. SWTCH stations are now also available for activation in the ChargeHub app by the same measure.

“We’re thrilled to add SWTCH as a Passport Hub partner,” mentions Simon Ouellette, CEO at ChargeHub. “This partnership will enable a growing number of Electric Circuit users to seamlessly activate charging sessions on SWTCH’s network of charging stations, which is expanding in the province of Ontario and across North America. At the same time, SWTCH users will now be able to seamlessly activate charging stations operated by the Electric Circuit.”

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