Sungrow’s New Electric Vehicle Charger Includes Isolated Air-Cooling System


Sungrow Charging Europe has unveiled its latest flagship: the IDC480E. This 480-kW ultra-fast electric vehicle charger introduces advanced high-protection isolated air-cooling technology, aiming to alter the landscape of vehicle charging.

The isolated air-cooling ultra-fast charging system of the IDC480E maintains optimal performance even in the most demanding conditions. Based on its 27-year experience with renewables, this EV charging solution is designed for reliability, minimal maintenance and long service life.

This charger’s self-designed independent air duct system has no additional filters. Its intelligent 3D cooling distribution, coupled with patented heat exchange technology, facilitates carefree maintenance even in the most challenging environments. With an IP65 high-protection and C5 anti-corrosion rating for both the cabinet and user terminals, this charging solution easily withstands frequent use and extreme environments.

The IDC480E is engineered to deliver fast returns with 30-kW granularity, optimizing power usage in real time to enhance charging efficiency. It has a maximum efficiency of up to 96.5%, significantly minimizing energy losses. Incorporating Sungrow’s self-developed Power Module Lifecycle Management (PMLM) technology and its proprietary algorithm, the IDC480E ensures a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Beyond its reliable technical features, the IDC480E seamlessly integrates with Sungrow’s charging solutions, including photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS). It addresses the issue of insufficient power capacity and ensures a reliable power supply during outages. This integrated system solution serves a truly green charging world and enables customers to attain sustainability goals while streamlining EV charging infrastructure management with a one-brand service for a hassle-free experience.

Capable of supporting up to eight charging connectors, the IDC480E combines liquid-cooling terminals with air-cooling terminals to meet a variety of needs. It offers ultra-fast charging capabilities, delivering up to 480 kW and 500 amps of current, reducing charging time and ensuring efficiency and productivity for all EVs. Featuring a counterweighted cable management design and noise levels of less than 60 dB during charging, the charger is engineered to enhance user satisfaction and convenience. With an intuitive user interface and barrier-free access design, the IDC480E ensures an easy charging experience for every EV driver.

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