StoreDot on Track to Reach 100 Miles of Range on 5-Minute Charge


StoreDot, a company producing extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EV), has revealed its strategic technology roadmap, labeled “100inX.” It will deliver batteries capable of charging 100 miles of range on just a 2-minute charge, with mass production readiness planned within 10 years.

StoreDot is also on track for producing its silicon-dominant anode XFC lithium-ion cells at scale by 2024, which will be capable of delivering 100 miles of range in 5 minutes of charge.

In parallel, StoreDot is already at the advanced stages of developing groundbreaking semi-solid-state technologies to further improve the batteries by 40% over 4 years – delivering 100 miles of charge time in just 3 minutes. It will be mass-production ready by 2028.

100in5, 100in3 and 100in2 of miles per minute of charging are three generations of StoreDot technologies of silicon-dominant XFC, semi-solid state and full-solid state. They will be delivered over the coming decade with 100in5 by 2024, 100in3 by 2028 (40% improvement) and 100in2 by 2032 (additional 33% improvement).

“It’s absolutely crucial that we give global automotive manufacturers a clear, realistic and hype-free roadmap for the introduction of our fast-charging battery technologies,” says Dr. Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot’s CEO. “After intense development of our silicon-dominant chemistries we will be mass-production ready by 2024, delivering a transformative product that will overcome the major barrier to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles – charging times and range anxiety.

“However, we are committed to a rapid transition to a cleaner, zero-emissions world and our strategic technology roadmap extends long after 2024, where each milestone represents an impressive performance improvement – a major impact on the driver’s experience,” adds Myersdorf. “We are also progressing with our semi-solid state battery aiming for its production at scale by 2028, which will demonstrate a better charging experience for EV drivers in terms of miles per minute of charging.

StoreDot’s extreme fast charging cells will be available in both pouch and the 4680 family form factor – the formats increasingly favored by the majority of global car manufacturers. Pioneering work for these XFC cells has been undertaken with participation of global experts from Israel, the U.K., the U.S. and in China. 100in5 cells of StoreDot’s XFC technology are already being tested in the real world by a number of automotive OEMs.

“Our ultimate goal though, and one that is now absolutely in our grasp, is to produce cells that will revolutionize charging times, achieving 100 miles of range in only 2 minutes,” adds Myersdorf. “This breakthrough performance that was once considered impossible – is achievable with StoreDot’s technology in just 10 years from now.”

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