Stem, ENGIE North America Collaborate on E-Mobility Solutions


Stem Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven energy storage software and services company, has entered into a co-marketing agreement with ENGIE North America for the development of an offering to enable broad adoption of e-mobility solutions throughout the United States for schools, transit agencies and commercial fleets.

The offering, now in pilot development, will combine Stem’s smart energy storage software, Athena, and storage hardware with ENGIE’s turnkey solution that includes all aspects of e-mobility planning, design, and implementation – covering vehicles, charging infrastructure, energy management, and on-site energy generation and storage. Athena will integrate with ENGIE’s electric vehicle (EV) charging solution and help to manage the charging needs of each ENGIE customer.

The combined offering will streamline the design, procurement, installation and operational process in addition to providing technical support for customers looking for an interoperable solution. With AI-driven algorithms, Athena will operate the grid services, demand charge, demand response, utility bill optimization and smart energy storage of customers’ facilities and charging infrastructure. ENGIE and Stem will support customers to help navigate complexities of EV incentives and grants while providing services that include economic modeling and analysis, system design, tariff assessment, and utility cost optimization.

“As more public agencies and businesses deploy charging stations and electrify their fleets, it’s important to have a cohesive e-mobility strategy to optimize energy consumption and environmental impacts,” says Alan Russo, chief revenue officer at Stem. “Our comprehensive offering will bring together best-in-class solutions for solar, energy storage and EV charging in a way that is easy to deploy and manage. We are excited to leverage our Athena software not just for optimizing batteries with solar, but also to directly interface with EV charging software, which opens up tremendous opportunities to improve customer savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Building on ENGIE’s success delivering on-site solar, battery storage and EV charging solutions to our customers, we are excited to be working with a market-leading provider like Stem to develop an integrated offering that will further enable broad adoption of electrified transportation,” states Courtney Jenkins, vice president and head of distributed energy solutions at ENGIE North America. “This turnkey offering will bring real value, ease of adoption and peace of mind to organizations looking for a comprehensive eMobility solution.”

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