SP+ Deploying Endera All-Electric Shuttle Buses in Fleet


Endera, a company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure and software solutions, is supplying SP+ with eight fully electric shuttle buses at the San Diego International Airport to replace an older propane autogas fleet.

Endera customized the shuttles to ensure a perfect fit into the SP+ Aladdin parking facility, which has stringent height restrictions for its access gates. To accommodate these height restrictions, Endera commissioned a custom HVAC system to develop the exact shuttles needed. Endera partnered with SP+ throughout the vehicle specification process, from the design to the financing of the fleet.

“The clean transportation revolution is occurring in San Diego with Endera’s second-ever 100 percent fleet swap at the San Diego International Airport and the first for an off-airport client,” says John Walsh, Endera CEO. “This fleet swap will provide four 25 kW chargers and four 50 kW chargers, along with customized shuttles. Endera will also be supplying SP+ with Endera Go and Endera Transit platforms for full access to ridership data, fleet performance and reporting through the customer dashboard.”

“After successfully testing the shuttle buses, the switch is a no-brainer,” says Richard Abdala, facility manager of Aladdin parking garage. “Endera provided the shuttles that worked for us. They’ve got a good product, they are road-tested, and we are super excited to put Endera’s buses on the road.”

SP+ is forecasting a 60% reduction on fuel costs, along with savings on maintenance costs.

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