South Carolina Corporate Fleet Logs 1 Million Electric Miles


Elite Home Care, Day Centers and Transportation says its electric vehicle transportation fleet will surpass 1 million miles driven in the upcoming weeks, logged on roads and highways across South Carolina.

The company’s owned and operated EV fleet is composed of 65 vehicles, including Ford Transits and Volkswagen ID4s. The first electric vehicle was purchased in October 2021. These vehicles are primarily utilized for transporting elderly and disabled clients to the day centers, as well as to and from medical appointments.

“Our aim is to deliver the highest level of care while being conscientious of keeping costs contained,” says co-owner Chris Russo. “We have found tremendous success with Ford’s E Transit line, upfitted with seating and wheelchair lifts to provide transportation solutions for the varied needs of our clients.”

“The change from gas to electric means our clients get to ride in brand new, state-of-the-art vehicles for the same cost to the company as old gas vehicles,” adds co-owner Andrew Martin. “It’s a sustainable model that gives our clients the best ride possible, and continued excellence for Elite.”

Ford Pro provides the technological opportunity for real-time visibility to vehicles in the fleet.

This year, Elite plans to open at least three more adult day care locations and to continue to expand their EV transportation program.

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