SoCal’s Airport Valet Express Electrifies Fleet


Los Angeles-based Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing (AVM), a maker of electric-powered commercial vehicles, has announced a memorandum of understanding with Airport Valet Express, a provider of day tours and bus services for the 120-mile route between Bakersfield, Calif., and Los Angeles International Airport.

Under the agreement, Airport Valet Express will purchase 12 of AVM’s all-electric vans and SUVs.

“Adding AVM’s electric vehicles to our fleet makes more than good business sense,” says Phil Rudnick, founder and principal “Kindness Ambassador” of Airport Valet Express. “Bakersfield is a designated non-attainment area – which means we have more than our share of hydrofluorocarbons. Providing last-mile transport with zero environmental impact is in keeping with our Kindness Pledge of Always with Community in Mind.”

“Doing right is what Phil’s shuttle service is all about,” adds Larry Brennan, CEO of AVM. “Airport Valet Express not only provides free airport shuttle services to active military families, the company also shuttles and chaperones at-risk children to the beach once a week for free. Many of these children have never been to the beach before these visits. I am proud to partner with Phil and extend his extraordinary kindness to his local environment, as well.”

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