Sierra Club Rolls out 2019 Electric Vehicle Guide


The Sierra Club has released a newly updated electric vehicle (EV) guide during a time of what it calls “increasing excitement” around the expansion of the EV market in the U.S.

The guide includes a “pick-a-plug-in” quiz that suggests an appropriate model based on budget, family size and driving habits. It also outlines the specs of different models and allows users to compare the fuel cost and emissions savings of EVs compared to the best-selling gasoline-powered vehicle in its class, as well as an overview of policies and incentives in each state.

Emissions savings are calculated based on how clean each state’s electricity is. EVs are cleaner than conventional vehicles nationwide, but in states with more reliance on renewable sources of power and less reliance on coal, the savings are even more dramatic, according to the Sierra Club.

“Consumer education around the benefits of electric vehicles is so important, and we’re excited to have the ‘problem’ of needing to update this guide every few years to reflect the growing EV market and the increasing number of models to choose from,” says Hieu Le, campaign representative for Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All campaign. “There are massive cost and climate savings benefits associated with owning an electric vehicle. We want to offer people information that isn’t always easy to come by – given the often poor marketing of EVs from the auto industry – to help them make the right choice for their families and our climate.”

The Sierra Club, Plug In America and the Electric Auto Association are also hosting Drive Electric Earth Day (DEED) throughout April, with more than 150 events across the nation to connect people with community members, test-drive EVs, and learn more about the infrastructure in place to support EVs.

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