Shoshoni Tribe to Begin Using Mullen EVs at Harrah’s Casino


Mullen Automotive Inc. is initiating a pilot program for its Mullen ONE electric cargo vans and Mullen CAMPUS delivery utility vehicles with the Shoshoni Native American Tribe of Northern California and Nevada to serve Nations Distribution, located on the Harrah’s Northern California Resort & Casino property.

Mullen and the Shoshoni tribe have agreed to a pilot program that will evaluate the Mullen Class 1 cargo vans and campus EVs in several use cases across Harrah’s daily operations.

“Our tribe’s vision to transition to electric-powered vehicles and sustain green initiatives is in line with the National EV Initiative for Tribal Nations,” said Chief William Bills, the CEO and president of the Shoshoni tribe. “The collaboration between the Shoshoni tribe and Mullen aligns with the national initiative and serves as a powerful example for other tribal nations to follow. By showcasing the successful integration of electric vehicles into our operations, the Shoshoni tribe can inspire and encourage other tribes to explore sustainable transportation options.”

The National EV Initiative for Tribal Nations recognizes the unique position of tribal communities to lead in sustainable transportation solutions, and it aims to promote the adoption of electric vehicles within tribal communities across the United States. By transitioning to electric vehicles, tribes can reduce their carbon footprint, improve air quality and promote energy independence. The initiative offers support, resources and technical assistance to tribal nations in their efforts to deploy electric vehicles and establish charging infrastructure.

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