Shoals Technologies, SKYCHARGER Expand EV Charging Infrastructure


Shoals Technologies Group Inc., a provider of electrical balance of systems (EBOS) solutions for solar, storage and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, has been selected by SKYCHARGER as part of its EV charging infrastructure offering.

SKYCHARGER placed a purchase order for Fuel by Shoals eMobility solutions to cover the 2022 pipeline, with the first shipments beginning in Q4 2021. This product selection will reduce capital costs and significantly speed deployment time frames of its EV infrastructure projects across the U.S.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with SKYCHARGER to provide innovative solutions for EV charging,” says Jeff Tolnar, senior vice president of EV solutions at Shoals. “The combination of best-in-class eMobility solutions from Shoals with best-in-class financial packages from SKYCHARGER will dramatically improve site economics and avoid lengthy business disruptions for site hosts. These types of partnerships are needed to accelerate EV charging infrastructure and consumer adoption of EVs.”

Shoals’ EV solutions lower cost of deployments, reduce time on site, improve quality and introduce a degree of asset portability that has not existed in the EV supply equipment marketplace. Using Shoals’ EV solutions enables SKYCHARGER to deploy more charging assets with the same amount of capital, enabling rapid scale-up of their suite of chargers.

“When it comes to our business, we have a single purpose; we are committed to creating environmentally conscious communities where EV charging accessibility is not a luxury,” states Jeff Zissulis, CEO of SKYCHARGER. “We have found an excellent partner in Shoals to help us accelerate this goal.”

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