Shoals Certifies EV Charging Solutions to UL Standards


Shoals Technologies Group Inc., a provider of electrical balance of systems (EBOS) solutions for solar, storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, has completed certification of its first set of above-ground electric vehicle charging solutions to UL Standards.

The listed products include Shoals’ Fuel Power Center, Big Lead Assembly (BLA) for DC or AC power, raceways, and quick connect bases for chargers. Through these products, Shoals has introduced EV solutions that can be deployed more rapidly and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

“Our EV solutions have been deployed across the country in fleet yards, school bus operations, and commercial applications. We are thrilled that our Phase 1 products have all completed this stage of certification testing, which can result in broader adoption of our technology to support the growth of EV charging infrastructure,” says Jeff Tolnar, senior vice president of EV solutions at Shoals. “Achieving this important milestone will enable Shoals to support our customers as they deploy EV charging systems at scale.”

“We have safely deployed more than 22 million feet of BLA in the solar industry and are now certified to leverage our EBOS expertise and technology for EV charging deployments,” states Jason Whitaker, CEO of Shoals. “With this certification, the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) is able to certify the site deployment with comfort knowing that Shoals’ listed solutions can be installed to meet National Electric Code and safely deliver energy from the power center to the chargers.”

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