SemaConnect Launches New Retail EV Charging Station


SemaConnect, an electric vehicle (EV) services provider in the North American commercial property market, has announced a new solution for public retail EV charging: the Series 8 charging station.

Powered by an open network platform, the Series 8 features a credit card reader and other flexible payment options, providing access to all EV drivers regardless of charging network affiliation.

The new Series 8 is a Level 2 charging station designed for retail and public parking that features SemaConnect’s slim design, interactive LED lights and network platform. Station owners can set custom access and pricing to support multi-user needs. The Series 8 features a credit card reader and NFC capabilities to make public charging even easier for drivers and an onboard camera for future applications.

The SemaConnect Series 8 charging stations offer drivers the most options to initiate and pay for a charging session with the SemaConnect App, SemaConnect website, SemaConnect Network Pass, credit card via automated phone system or credit card reader, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Pay With PlugShare, and ChargeHub Passport.

“With this latest installment to SemaConnect’s family of products, the Series 8, we’ve advanced our strategy to develop products and services to support the growing use cases of the EV charging market,” says Mark Pastrone, COO at SemaConnect. “The addition of the credit card reader expands the pool of drivers who can charge vehicles at SemaConnect stations. This type of open access is critical to the growth of the EV charging infrastructure.”

In addition to the Series 8 Retail charging station, SemaConnect also released the Series 7 Plus High-Power Fleet charging station earlier this year, expanding its product lineup of Level 2 Charging stations which also includes the Series 5 for Multifamily, Series 6 for Commercial and universal applications, and the Series 7 for Fleets.

“We’re excited to introduce our newest solution for EV charging at retail and public parking locations,” remarks Mahi Reddy, founder and CEO at SemaConnect. “It is a strategic imperative to expand and build on our open network approach so more drivers can gain access to EV charging. The Series 8 combined with our other and future product releases will drive more EV adoption.”

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