SafeHaven Pest Control Decreases Carbon Emissions With Merge Fleet 


Merge Electric Fleet Solutions and SafeHaven Pest Control have completed an electric vehicle pilot program that included the first deployment of a 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning all-electric pickup in SafeHaven’s business fleet.

SafeHaven Pest Control partnered with Merge to select and deploy the F-150 Lightning out of Merge’s lineup of available pickups, sedans and SUVs to gain insights on how the implementation of battery-electric vehicles can improve business operations while reducing its fleet’s carbon footprint.

By driving the F-150 Lightning during the pilot period, SafeHaven saw a 78% savings in its emissions when compared to the company’s current 2013 F-150 pickup, and a 72% savings in emissions when compared to a new gasoline-powered F-150 model. The data revealed a potential annual fleet-wide greenhouse gas reduction of 56% if the SafeHaven fleet was electrified.

Merge also found over the course of the program, 18% of all the power the vehicle used came from its regenerative braking system.

In addition to providing comprehensive analytics related to the electric truck’s performance for SafeHaven, Merge outfitted the team with a suite of charging solutions, including a Level 2 charger at the SafeHaven office and access to high-speed networks via a Merge fleet fueling card.

“It is not realistic to replace 100 percent of the vehicles in a corporate fleet immediately,” says Glen Stancil, CEO of Merge Electric Fleet Solutions. “However, a pilot program like the one we deployed for SafeHaven allows companies to evaluate and prioritize routes, drivers and vehicles in their fleets that are ready for a full electric conversion.”

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