SAE International Plans SAE EV Charging Public Key Infrastructure Project


SAE International says it plans to launch the SAE EV Charging Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) project, an industry-led pre-competitive research project to strengthen electric vehicle (EV) charging system security. 

The project is expected to begin technical work in the second quarter to develop a secure EV charging industry PKI platform that is agnostic to the charging system and protocol standards. The project will result in strong end-to-end cybersecurity between the EV and the rest of the charging ecosystem. The resulting PKI platform will improve security to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of advanced charging capabilities.

SAE gathered a core team of 10 companies from the EV charging sector to develop the fundamental documents for the project. 

A partial list of the core team includes: 

  • ABB
  • ChargePoint
  • eMobility Power
  • Fastned    
  • Ford Motor Company
  • General Motors
  • Shell

These companies have jointly developed the groundwork for the SAE project to create a suitable PKI, including design, governance and operations for the EV charging industry.

“SAE International has led a representative industry group to develop the work scope for a worldwide EV charging industry PKI platform that is secure, trusted, scalable, interoperable and extensible,” says Jack Pokrzywa, director of global ground vehicle standards at SAE International. 

“This is yet another example of SAE engaging industry in pre-competitive projects like this to target critical industry problems and develop solutions by industry, for industry,” he adds.

As initially announced in December 2019, SAE will leverage the expertise and experience of its CRP Program to convene industry members to develop a targeted solution for this critical use case that will be extensible to other automotive and mobility use cases.

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