ROUSH CleanTech to Unveil New Propane Autogas Tank Option


Alternative fuel vehicle manufacturer ROUSH CleanTech will introduce its newest propane autogas tank option, a 35-gallon propane autogas fuel tank for medium-duty trucks, such as the Ford F-450 and F-550, at the NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Nashville.

As reported, the 35-usable gallon, single-saddle propane autogas tank for the Ford F-450/F-550 is passenger-side mounted, enabling it to fit in a variety of body applications.

“The innovative propane autogas fuel tank configuration for these heavier-duty Ford trucks provides the propane industry with another option for their fleets,” says Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing. “Companies can fuel all of their Class 4-7 work trucks and bobtails with the same product they sell.”

ROUSH CleanTech says that propane suppliers and other companies that use 84-inch cab-to-axle fleet vehicles no longer need to order a size up to accommodate a propane tank, as the new product will fit 84-inch, 120-inch and 180-inch CAs.

This shorter wheelbase truck is the primary choice for propane marketers for better maneuverability in neighborhoods, the company adds.

Applications for the propane autogas-fueled F-450/F-550 trucks with the new tank design include box trucks, flat beds, service trucks, mini-bobtails, crane trucks and cylinder delivery trucks. The company emphasizes that these propane autogas vehicles maintain the same horsepower, torque and towing capacity as their Ford gasoline-fueled counterparts.

Orders are now being taken.

Photo courtesy of ROUSH CleanTech.

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