RNG Coalition Urges EPA to Follow Through on eRIN Provision


The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas has submitted a letter to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency once again urging the agency to promptly implement the “eRIN” pathway.

The RNG Coalition, the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, Bridge to Renewables, The Business Council for Sustainable Energy, the Zero Emission Transportation Association, the National Milk Producers Federation, American Biogas Council and the National Association of Clean Water Agencies have co-signed the letter supporting eRIN implementation, which was first formally proposed in December of last year as part of EPA’s latest rulemaking under the Renewable Fuel Standard program.

Media reports recently drew fresh attention to the eRIN provision, amid suggestions that EPA could decouple implementation of the eRIN measure from blending standards expected to be issued in mid-June. These reports followed a letter by House Republicans in late April urging the agency to reconsider the provision, which they characterized as a “radical agenda” item that could disrupt the fuels market and increase transportation costs for Americans.

In a newly authored letter, the RNG Coalition and partners have encouraged EPA to follow through on the long-awaited eRIN provision in its upcoming rulemaking without delay — even if some aspects of the measure may require closer consideration and input by affected U.S. industries before implementation in 2024.

“We commend EPA’s actions to implement eRINs beginning in 2024, and we strongly encourage the Biden Administration to finalize a framework in June 2023,” signees says in the letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan. “Congress and EPA have clearly established a role for electricity in the Renewable Fuel Standard, and EPA’s eRINs proposal should not be further delayed or abandoned.”

EPA is mandated by consent decree to issue RFS volumes and percentage standards by June 14. 

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