RIZON Class 4-5 Electric Vehicles Travel North, Enter Canadian Truck Market


RIZON, Daimler Truck’s newest brand of all-electric vehicles, has entered the Canadian market with its Class 4-5 vehicles. The RIZON brand will be presented in Canada for the first time at Truck World in Toronto from April 18-20 and will be available to Canadian customers for the first time with preorders set to begin in June 2024.

RIZON trucks first debuted in the U.S. in 2023 at the ACT Expo in Anaheim, California, and are now operating on American streets for a diverse range of customers.

The Canadian government has committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and has established an incentive program to encourage fleets to electrify. Companies and municipalities are now exploring sustainable fleet options to address environmental concerns and operational efficiency.

“Canada is very advanced regarding green energy and infrastructure and is a natural next step for RIZON’s second market,” says Andreas Deuschle, the global head of RIZON Truck. “So we are very happy to bring our zero-emission solution to Canadian customers. They are proven OEM trucks with the latest technology from Daimler Truck. RIZON is the best Class 4-5 fully electric truck money can buy.”

RIZON will offer four model variants for Canadian customers: the e16L, e16M, e18L and e18M, with a versatile mix of configurations and options suitable for each customer’s requirements, ranging from 15,995 to 18,850 pounds in gross vehicle weight (GVW). The vehicles can run up to 257 km (for L size variant with three battery packs) and up to 177 km (for M size variant with two battery packs) on a single charge.

Suited to a variety of applications such as dry vans, flatbeds, landscape dump and reefers, they feature an electric power take-off (ePTO), which is controllable from the cab and allows for specialized equipment such as reefer belt drives and hydraulic pumps.

RIZON trucks can be charged by two types of battery charging systems: Level 2 AC Charging via J1772 connector and DC Fast Charging with a CCS1 connector.

To handle Canada’s cold weather, these trucks feature an electric preconditioning function that brings the batteries to the ideal temperature before operation by using power from the grid.

These vehicles will qualify for the Canadian government’s Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty-Zero-Vehicles (iMHZEV) program, which has been in effect since 2022. A RIZON truck will qualify for approximately $75,000 at the point of sale under this program. Additional provincial incentives are available in British Columbia and Quebec for about $75,000.

Starting in fourth quarter 2024, RIZON vehicles will be distributed in Canada through an exclusive agreement with Velocity Electric Vehicle Canada. With sales consultants and technicians experienced in commercial e-mobility, Velocity touchpoints will serve as one-stop shops for customers interested in making the jump to electric trucks.

The initial sales network will include locations in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec.

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