Ricardo Creates Global Automotive Group to Focus on Electrification, Autonomy


Ricardo has announced that it is creating a new global focus for its automotive business as the industry aims to accelerate the development of new products based upon hybrid and electrified propulsion systems.

According to the company, the automotive industry is arguably facing a situation of more profound technological change than at almost any point in its history, considering the regulatory imperatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase fuel economy, reduce noxious exhaust emissions and improve air quality, in addition to the rapid emergence of autonomous vehicle technology and new models of shared transportation.

During this time of change, Ricardo intends to assist the existing automotive manufactures and their supply chains and to work with new electrified vehicle producers and technology companies attempting to gain traction within the automotive sector. In addition to its powertrain and vehicle engineering experience, Ricardo is growing its project portfolio in areas such as the development of electric vehicle battery systems and autonomous technologies, including heavy-duty truck platooning.

Specifically, the new Ricardo Global Automotive Group will provide a highly customer focused global structure that will enable it to serve customers with clean powertrain technologies and all aspects of vehicle engineering, including autonomous driving applications. The organization draws together the operations of the company’s automotive teams based at its technical centers across Europe, China and North America, which now includes a rapidly growing presence in California.

The Ricardo Global Automotive Group will serve customers in four key market sectors: passenger cars and high-performance vehicles; commercial and off-highway vehicles; motorcycles, and; industrial and defense vehicles.

Mark Garrett, Ricardo chief operating officer and head of the new division, says, “In configuring this new automotive-focused organization, we are able to align our technologies, development resources and team in a manner that is best suited to the needs of our customers – from the established players to new market entrants. By this means, we are ready both to help our customers with the most exacting challenges they face today, as well as helping them prepare for the cleaner, more electrified, technology-rich future of transportation.”

Ricardo CEO Dave Shemmans adds, “The formation of the new Ricardo Global Automotive Group will combine a laser-like focus on the specific existing and emerging needs of the automotive industry with the promotion of highly beneficial company-wide synergies in areas such as energy, air quality and sustainable transport. With the rapid increase in electrified powertrains and autonomous vehicle operation, these strong synergies are a particular and unique strength for Ricardo – and one that will enable us to provide a competitive edge to our automotive clients in an increasingly technology-driven market.”

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