Rhode Island Launches Phase 1 of National EV Infrastructure Program


Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee and the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, in partnership with the state’s Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Management, have begun the Phase 1 projects of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program.

The focus of this phase is the installation of electric vehicle DC Fast Chargers (Level 3) charging stations at the Ashaway Park & Ride and Route 117 Park & Ride in Warwick, R.I. These Park & Ride locations will each be equipped with two new electric vehicle DC Fast Chargers capable of charging an electric vehicle up to 80% within 20 to 40 minutes.

“As we begin construction on Phase 1 of the NEVI Program, we are taking a crucial step toward a sustainable and connected future for Rhode Island,” says McKee. “We are empowering our residents to adopt cleaner transportation alternatives and bolstering our state’s role in the national effort to decrease carbon emissions and meeting our Act on Climate requirements.”

“Congratulations to Rhode Island for their Phase 1 NEVI Program selections, culminating months of diligent work,” says Gabe Klein, executive director of the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation. “Rhode Island is paving the way, aiming to build out the state’s designated EV charging corridors with convenient, reliable EV charging stations every 50 miles in this first funding round. Rhode Island, by selecting NEVI station locations at two Park & Rides, is carefully considering how NEVI Program funds can allow everyone to ride and drive electric.”

Completion of these Park and Ride locations will finalize Rhode Island’s Alternative Fuel Corridor (AFC) and significantly expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the state while enhancing national interstate connectivity. Rhode Island will be one of the first states in the nation to complete Phase 1 of the NEVI Program with funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Once completed, Phase 1 will result in a total of eight Level 3 DC Fast Chargers and six Dual-Port Level 2 charging stations strategically located along the Alternative Fuel Corridor on Interstate 95 in Rhode Island.

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