Ram Rolls Out New ProMaster Electric Van


Ram has introduced the new Ram ProMaster electric van, with a targeted range of up to 162 miles in city driving.

The brand’s first available fully electric vehicle, the new ProMaster EV will be available in two main configurations, including delivery and cargo models. The cargo model will be available in two configurations, including a 12-foot cargo length and an extended 13-foot cargo length (both with 159-inch wheelbases).

“The introduction of the Ram ProMaster EV represents another major milestone on our electrification journey as we continue to evolve without sacrificing capability,” says Tim Kuniskis, Ram brand CEO — Stellantis. “Ram’s first available electric vehicle is a game-changer, offering commercial customers, large and small, the ultimate van in zero-emissions performance, commercial capability and advanced technology.”

The ProMaster EV is part of Ram’s contribution to Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan to lead the way the world moves by delivering innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions. As part of Dare Forward 2030, Stellantis is investing more than 30 billion euros through 2025 in electrification and software to deliver battery-electric vehicles that meet customer demands.

The next step in the Ram ProMaster evolution is a battery-electric offering that includes a standard 110 kWh battery pack with a targeted range of up to 162 miles in city driving. The ProMaster EV cargo van features up to 3,020 pounds of payload while the delivery configuration offers 2,030 pounds of payload. A 200 kW electric drive module (EDM) delivers 268 horsepower, 302 lb.-ft. of torque and standard front-wheel-drive capability.

Built on the ProMaster architecture but designed specifically for electrification, the ProMaster EV features a unibody design that incorporates the battery pack efficiently. The battery is positioned under the floor in the center of the vehicle, which maintains a flat floor while cargo volume is unchanged from ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

The ProMaster EV features Level 3 DC fast-charging options of 50, 85, 125 and 150 kW. A wall box charger (Level 2) with up to 11 kW is available. The charge port illuminates while the vehicle is charging with an audible sound alert to confirm the connection.

The ProMaster EV delivery vehicle offers a rear roll-up door to satisfy the cargo loading and unloading required for vocational and delivery customers alike. The roll-up door is constructed with anodized aluminum for weight optimization and durability to meet high-duty cycles. A pocket door is also standard on the ProMaster EV delivery vehicle to ease ingress and egress while making deliveries.

Additional fleet-friendly technology includes Ram Telematics, which enables vehicle location and driving insights to help reduce fuel costs, improves route efficiency and promotes safer driving behaviors. Ram Telematics also offers real-time vehicle diagnostics and performance data.

Last-mile navigation provides walking directions from vehicle to final destination via Uconnect companion smartphone app available on compatible mobile devices. Alexa home-to-truck and truck-to-home functionality includes an in-vehicle virtual assistant as well.

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