Proterra’s 35-Foot Catalyst Electric Bus Aces Altoona Testing


Proterra’s Catalyst E2 35-foot bus has successfully completed safety, structural strength and distortion tests at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center with 440 kWh of onboard energy storage, the most energy on board a 35-foot bus tested at Altoona, claims Proterra.

The Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) Altoona Testing focuses on ensuring the safety and reliability of transit buses.

“The FTA sets the standard of excellence in vehicle testing, and with every new generation of Proterra electric buses, we are committed to setting competitive industry benchmarks for energy efficiency, vehicle stability, safety and durability,” says Proterra’s CEO, Ryan Popple. “The electric vehicle industry is fortunate to have facilities like Altoona to ensure that electric transit vehicle technology is high-performing and thoroughly tested.”

The purpose-built design of the Proterra Catalyst places batteries beneath the floor of the bus and outside the passenger compartment, with the option for additional battery packs on the roof. This design creates a low center of gravity and enables more energy to be stored on board to increase power and range, explains Proterra.

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