Proterra, Michelin Developing Tire for Electric Buses


Proterra has announced a collaboration with Michelin to develop the MICHELIN X InCity Energy Z tire, designed for battery-electric buses in urban environments.

According to the partners, the tire incorporates Michelin Advanced Technology tread compounds designed to provide low rolling resistance, contributing to a maximum operational range between charges for Proterra buses.

In addition to enabling greater range, the X InCity Energy Z tire is designed to withstand urban transit conditions and ensure durability in demanding stop-start service. Further, the tire uses 3D Matrix sipe technologies to provide biting edges for traction in wet and slippery conditions. With this technology, the X InCity Energy Z is optimized for all-season weather and driving conditions and is certified 3PMSF (three-peak mountain snowflake) and M+S (mud and snow), which meets the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association’s snow-traction performance requirements and the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada’s requirements for severe snow traction.

The X InCity Energy Z will be the standard tire offered for the Proterra Catalyst vehicles.

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