Proterra Introduces Diagnostic Tool, Cold Weather Package for Electric Buses


Proterra, a heavy-duty electric transportation company, has added the Proterra Diagnostic Tool and the Proterra Cold Weather Package to its growing suite of products and services.

According to the company, the Diagnostic Tool is the only diagnostic platform that allows technicians to access all vehicle systems in one place, with one intuitive interface.

As reported, a simple dashboard displays the vehicle’s functional layout, enabling users to monitor operation levels, see faults and resolve many issues directly through the interface without physically removing bus panels. A virtual mechanic, the Diagnostic Tool provides access to most of the vehicle’s operational features, including monitoring of the overhead-charging system.

Proterra held Diagnostic Tool demonstrations during the American Public Transportation Association Bus and Paratransit Conference in Reno, Nev.

To ensure safe and comfortable operation in winter conditions, the company is also introducing the Proterra Cold Weather Package.

Because there is no combustion engine in the electric vehicle (EV), there is no excess heat to reuse within the vehicle. The Cold Weather Package addresses this issue with two different configurations, depending on the severity of climate.

For regions with occasional snow and below-freezing temperatures, the Standard Cold Weather Package offers a front door and ADA ramp diffuser to remove ice and minimize slipping, heated mirrors to ensure better visibility, and a heated charge blade and scoop on the roof of the bus for consistent charging all winter.

In areas with more extreme winter weather, such as northern or mountain climate zones, the Extreme Cold Weather Package offers the features of the Standard Package, with additional auxiliary heat for sub-zero conditions to keep riders and drivers comfortable. In addition, a heated rear exit floor prevents ice buildup. Optional features, including integrated chains and belly pans, add an extra layer of safety and operational reliability.

“With transit agencies across the U.S. moving from fossil fuel buses to EV transit, we want to ensure the transition to battery-electric vehicles is seamless and remove any adoption barriers related to operations and maintenance,” says Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra. “Both the new Diagnostic Tool and Cold Weather Package help demonstrate our commitment to make that happen.”

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