Proterra Electric Buses Coming to Austin’s Capital Metro


Capital Metro, a public transportation provider in Austin, Texas, is purchasing four 40-foot Catalyst E2 electric buses and four 60 kW charging systems from Proterra.

With zero tailpipe emissions, Proterra’s battery-electric buses can help Capital Metro meet its sustainability goals. According to Proterra, replacing one diesel bus with a battery-electric bus can reduce 230,000 pounds of CO2 annually. Other Texas transit providers that have purchased Proterra electric buses are VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Citibus in Lubbock and Port Arthur Transit.

Capital Metro has also announced it has started the transformation of a former warehouse into a storage and charging facility, capable of accommodating up to 214 electric buses. Proterra plans to provide technical assistance for the initial charging infrastructure installation.

“Capital Metro is committed to the use of innovative technology to create a more efficient, quiet and sustainable transit system,” says Capital Metro’s president and CEO, Randy Clarke. “Today, we are taking another necessary step to maintain our high quality of life for generations to come.”

Capital Metro was able to leverage a contract in Georgia to purchase the buses. The State of Georgia underwent a testing and review process and selected Proterra as a statewide vendor for electric buses; it allows other states to leverage the contract to simplify the process of purchasing electric buses and partner with Proterra.

“Capital Metro is focused on the future of public transportation, and we’re excited to partner with them to bring the best battery-electric buses to Austin,” says Proterra’s CEO, Ryan Popple. “Deploying electric buses is a critical component to meet sustainability goals and provide the Austin community with clean, quiet transportation.”

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