Proterra Celebrates Delivery of 100th Battery-Electric Bus


Proterra, which designs and manufacture of zero-emission vehicles, has delivered its 100th battery-electric bus, destined for San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) in Stockton, Calif.

Boasting more than 60% of the North American battery-electric transit market, Proterra has deployed its zero-emission buses to 36 different municipal, university and commercial transit agency customers in 20 states from coast to coast.

According to the company, many of the transit agencies serving these communities have also completed third and fourth orders for Proterra buses, including San Joaquin RTD, King County Metro in Seattle and Foothill Transit in Pomona, Calif.

Serving more than 687,744 people in San Joaquin County, RTD has added 10 more Proterra Catalyst battery-electric buses to its expanding fleet, bringing their total number of Proterra buses to 12. As the first agency in Northern California to operate all-electric technology, San Joaquin RTD exemplifies the growing trend among transit organizations to transition to zero-emission buses as the cost and performance benefits become clearer.

“Proterra has helped us save funds, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and provide clean, quiet, electric transit service to residents throughout the San Joaquin Valley, so we couldn’t be prouder to share this milestone with them,” says Donna DeMartino, CEO of San Joaquin Regional Transit District. “At San Joaquin RTD, we see Proterra as an indispensable partner as we seek to improve air quality conditions in the Valley and to ensure that our riders have access to one of the most efficient, reliable mass transportation systems in the country.”

To date, Proterra buses have completed over 3,100,000 miles in revenue service, which equates to approximately 6,000 tons of GHG emissions reduced and over $2 million saved in fuel and maintenance costs. On a total cost of ownership basis, these vehicles can save transit agencies up to $459,000 per bus over diesel-hybrid vehicles and up to $448,000 versus diesel vehicles over their lifetime.

Combined with the environmental benefits of a more efficient technology at 21 MPGe, versus 4 MPG for diesel, and zero tailpipe emissions, this dollars-and-cents argument for transit electrification has attracted sizeable orders from customers such as Seattle’s King County Metro, which placed the largest order of battery-electric buses to date by committing to 73 Proterra vehicles.

“We’re no longer at the dawn of the electric mass transportation revolution – we’re in the midst of it, and this milestone delivery to RTD proves that Proterra continues to lead the way as the industry charges forward,” says Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra. “As we deliver more buses, forge new partnerships and follow through on more repeat orders, we will continue to do our part as the North American market leader and will champion innovation throughout the electric mobility ecosystem.”

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Glenn Fiedler
Glenn Fiedler
7 years ago

I’d be interested in hearing if and when Proterra plans on going public. Your product is a game changer. Please add me to your news list. Thank you.