PowerUp by Trillium: New EV Charging Approach for Fleets


Trillium, a provider of alternative fuel systems and renewable fuels, has debuted PowerUP by Trillium, a program designed to serve electric vehicle fleets with predictable and cost-effective electricity pricing for EV charging.

PowerUP by Trillium uses a mix of power supply technology ranging from solar panels and on-site generation using RNG, to energy storage and power supplied from the local electric utility.

“The paradigm for EV recharging has always been to charge your vehicle using the electric utility, but PowerUP by Trillium changes that standard,” says Bill Zobel, general manager of business development and marketing for Trillium. “Our newest refueling solution puts fleets in control of their power supply and gives them the option to choose which sources of power to draw from, adding certainty to electric costs while enhancing the reliability and sustainability of their power supply over the long term.”

The company says PowerUP by Trillium is the first integrated EV charging solution of its kind in the U.S. and is now available to all centrally fueled EV fleets. Trillium begins the evaluation process with a consultation designed to understand the customer’s long-term electric power needs before customizing a solution with the right mix of technology to deliver desired results. Trillium designs, builds, operates and maintains its PowerUP by Trillium solutions and provides project financing. The average PowerUP by Trillium solution takes about nine months to install, the company notes.

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