PowerFlex, Samsara Integration Enhances EV Fleet Operations


PowerFlex, an EDF Renewables affiliate and provider of large-scale EV charging solutions, has announced a new integration with Samsara, developer of the Connected Operations Cloud, a platform that enables organizations dependent on physical operations to harness IoT data and develop actionable insights.

The integration of the PowerFlex X EV charging management software with Samsara’s vehicle telematics solution will support and optimize light-, medium- and heavy-duty fleet operations as vehicle electrification ramps up across the country.

The PowerFlex X and Samsara integration is enabled by Samsara’s open data platform and will enhance the user experience for mutual customers. The system will provide alerts and comprehensive dashboards for vehicle location and state of charge. It will also track and record real-time and historical sustainability insights, such as idling and fuel efficiency, which feeds into PowerFlex’s adaptive load management for EV charging optimization and cost savings.

“By combining our expertise in charging management with Samsara’s robust telematics capabilities, we can provide our customers with a powerful tool to optimize their fleet operations and drive the transition to electric mobility,” says Raphael Declercq, CEO of PowerFlex.

By leveraging the PowerFlex X CMS and Samsara integration, PowerFlex and Samsara customers can benefit from a unified solution that combines fleet management and EV charging capabilities, resulting in improved efficiency, streamlined operations and data-driven decision making for EV fleets. With integrated data from PowerFlex X and Samsara, customers can monitor and analyze charging patterns and energy consumption to improve charging infrastructure planning, energy efficiency, and overall fleet readiness.

Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud makes it easy for organizations to access, analyze and act upon real-time data from warehouses, trucks, trailers and equipment to improve their safety, efficiency and sustainability. With an open API, Samsara’s platform enables customers to connect third-party applications and unlock a holistic view of physical operations.

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