PSI, Hexagon Agility Collaborate on CNG/LPG Systems


Power Solutions International Inc. (PSI), an engines and power systems company, has entered into a master development and collaboration agreement with Hexagon Agility, which develops, manufactures and supplies compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) fuel systems used in medium vehicles.

PSI manufactures and develops 6.0- and 8.8-liter alternative fuel engines for OEMs of on-road transportation vehicles such as delivery trucks, school buses and terminal tractors.

Under the agreement, both companies will work with medium-duty OEMs to provide CNG and autogas system solutions. Hexagon Agility will focus on the development and supply of CNG and LPG fuel systems and PSI will focus on the development and supply of engines and engine controls. The partnership also includes proactively supporting service and service parts for fleet vehicles in the field.

“This partnership helps us to better scale our engine platform,” CEO Lance Arnett says. “By utilizing Agility’s experience with alternative fuel systems, we can focus our resources on our core engine and engine controls competence while broadening our reach into the expanding alternative fuel commercial vehicle market.”

“This collaboration enables us to provide additional alternate fuels system options for our global OEMs to support their need for low emission vehicle offerings that enable their fleet customers to control fuel costs and meet environmental sustainability goals,” adds Brad Garner, senior vice president of global customer care and technical service at Hexagon Agility.

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