Plug Power Integrates Class 6 Fuel Cell Electric Truck, ProGen Technology


Hydrogen solutions provider Plug Power Inc. has integrated a Class 6 medium-duty fuel cell electric truck chassis cab with an electric propulsion system powered by Plug’s ProGen fuel cell technology and seamlessly integrated with an electric propulsion system.

Designed specifically for middle-mile deliveries, this vehicle is engineered for range benchmarks of up to 500 miles, a significant advantage versus battery electric vehicles. This extended range not only enhances operational efficiency but also reduces the need for frequent downtime associated with battery recharging.

Beyond its extended range tailored for optimal payload capacity crucial to middle-mile deliveries, this vehicle distinguishes itself from many other heavy-duty counterparts by not requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for operation, offering a more accessible solution for adoption in operations.

“Plug continues to lead charge in developing and deploying hydrogen fuel cell solutions for electric vehicle platforms,” says Plug CEO Andy Marsh. “Our ProGen engine, built on decades of operational experience, offers unmatched benefits for middle-mile delivery — range, rapid fueling, cargo volume optimization and higher power densities.”

The product is currently in its final integration and testing phase and is expected to commence on-road operational pilots this summer in collaboration with Plug’s key market leader logistics customers. This next phase will provide valuable real-world data and feedback, further optimizing the truck’s performance for commercial deployment.

To learn more about the ProGen engine, visit

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