Phoenix Motor Starts Producing Drivetrain for Class 4 Electric Vehicles


Phoenix Motor Inc., a manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses and electrification solutions provider for medium-duty vehicles, has begun producing its first fourth-generation drivetrain for Class 4 shuttle buses and trucks. The first two units will be delivered to customers in New Jersey.

With over 150 fleet customers using its zero-emission shuttle buses and trucks, Phoenix launched its first electric drivetrain in 2009 and sold its first Class 4 EV in 2014. The fourth-generation electric drive system is designed to improve efficiency, incorporating a 650-volt architecture, and improves safety with battery packs located within the chassis frame rails.

The new drivetrain also offers improved charging speeds, with 20% to 80% state of charge gained in 20 minutes with a 150 kW DC charger. The new electric drivetrain system will be integrated with Class 4 cutaway chassis to accommodate shuttle buses, Type-A school buses, work trucks, box trucks and delivery vans.

Production ramp-up for the fourth-generation shuttle buses and trucks will commence at the Anaheim, California, facility and further expand to additional locations in the East Coast, benefiting from the synergies with the transit bus production facility in Greenville, South Carolina.

“Our fourth-generation drive system is a game-changer, with lower cost of acquisition for customers and improved operating efficiency,” says Denton Peng, CEO of Phoenix Motor. “The design also focused on improving manufacturing efficiency, enabling Phoenix to scale medium-duty EV production in the coming years.”

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