Phoenix Motor, Cennatic Power Partner for Supply of Custom EV Battery Packs


Phoenix Motor Inc., a manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses and electrification solutions provider for medium-duty vehicles, has formed a strategic partnership with Cennatic Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cenntro Inc., to supply advanced battery packs custom-manufactured for Phoenix Motor’s range of commercial electric vehicles.

Under terms of the agreement, Cennatic will develop and produce battery packs specifically designed for Phoenix Motor’s heavy-duty transit buses, as well as its medium- and light-duty commercial EVs.

“Teaming up with Cennatic allows us to integrate cutting-edge battery technology that supports the superior performance standards our customers expect from Phoenix vehicles,” says Denton Peng, CEO of Phoenix Motor. “In addition to strengthening our expanding product line, this strategic alliance, which aims to enhance the efficiency, range, and reliability of our EV offerings, also reinforces our mission to lead the transition toward a more sustainable future in transportation.”

The heavy-duty transit bus and medium- and light-duty commercial EV markets are projected to grow from $70.9 billion in 2024 to more than $255 billion by 2030, according to data from Research and Markets.

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