Parsons Electrifies Fleet with Ford Lightning Trucks


Parsons Corp. has added 20 Ford Lightning electric trucks to support its client, Chemours, in North Carolina.

In addition to receiving a new electric fleet, the charging station design and installation will be completed in-house by Parsons’ electrical engineering and delivery teams.

The fleet of electric trucks will be used by Parsons’ employees, who in the last two years have driven over 2.5 million miles around Fayetteville and Wilmington for the Chemours programs, collecting thousands of residential drinking water samples for assessment and replacement.

“The Parsons team is doing amazing work for Chemours to help manage several projects in the Cape Fear River Basin,” says Parsons’ Peter Torrellas. “This work is improving the communities where we operate, and I am proud that we are enhancing our positive environmental impact with the addition of electric vehicles to our fleet.”

Chemours has also invested in smart fleet management software that enables Parsons’ drivers to optimize routes and minimize miles driven.

Furthermore, by leveraging the Parsons and Chemours partnership, the team negotiated favorable clean power costs for the EV fleet. These savings, combined with the decreased use of fossil fuel – which will reduce fuel costs by approximately 25 cents per mile – result in nearly $250,000 in annual client savings.

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