Oregon’s LTD Adopts New Flyer Electric Buses and Chargers


New Flyer of America Inc. says Lane Transit District (LTD) has awarded New Flyer a contract for 11 Xcelsior CHARGE battery-electric 40-foot heavy-duty transit buses, including seven ABB depot chargers to support electric bus infrastructure development.

The zero-emission bus purchase, supported by Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Low or No- Emission funding, helps LTD to continue fulfilling its mission of providing clean, reliable, convenient transportation options for the Eugene-Springfield, Ore., metro area and surrounding community.

With the addition of Xcelsior CHARGE buses to its fleet, LTD joins other West Coast cities leading the transition to zero-emission mobility with New Flyer, including Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, San Francisco and Victor Valley.

In assessing its transition to sustainable mobility, LTD entered a partnership with the University of Oregon (UO) to study opportunities and challenges in the field. яндекс The Sustainable City Year Program, part of UO’s Sustainable Cities Initiative is in its 10th year of pairing students with community partners in need of fresh ideas. 

Since 2004, NFI has delivered 50 buses to LTD, including New Flyer transit buses and low-floor cutaway buses from NFI sister company ARBOC. Over half are electric-hybrid propulsion, helping to lower emissions from public transit.

Photo: LTD single ride bus tickets

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4 years ago

Amazing! Is the BRT bus there also electric and cost saving now?