Oregon State Agencies Launch New EV Resource


A coalition of Oregon state agencies has launched a new website designed to help Oregonians access information about all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (EVs).

GoElectric.Oregon.gov offers an overview of the benefits of electric cars and fleets, along with an introduction to state and local programs.

“More Oregonians are choosing electric vehicles, and even more are curious about EVs and how they can help families save money and reduce emissions,” says Janine Benner, director of the Oregon Department of Energy (DOE), which spearheaded the new website. “We want to increase our momentum to get the state to 50,000 registered electric vehicles by 2020.”

The 50K by 2020 goal was identified by Gov. Kate Brown, D-Ore., in Executive Order 17-21, signed last November. The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) reports that Oregon had more than 16,000 registered EVs as of December 2017.

The executive order detailed a series of responsibilities for state agencies to encourage and support the move to greater electrification of Oregon’s transportation system. Strategies include more and improved EV charging infrastructure; recognition for entities that champion and support EV use; and technical resources for fleet managers, utilities, businesses and more. The governor also called on all state agencies to lead by example by adding EVs to the state fleet and researching more charging options on public property.

Additionally, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, in partnership with ODOT, the Oregon DOE and the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division, is requesting public comments on a proposal to use a portion of Oregon’s share of the Volkswagen diesel settlement to support state efforts to have more Oregon cars fueled by electricity. Information about the draft proposal and the opportunity to comment can be found on the new GoElectric.Oregon.gov site.

“ODOT has long supported electric vehicles as a way to improve sustainability and see it as our responsibility to serve as a model for the rest of the country in promoting innovative approaches to electrifying transportation,” comments Matt Garrett, director of ODOT. “We are proud to help support this new website, which provides great information and tools to Oregonians.”

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