Oklahoma Receives First Three Made-in-State EVs


The state of Oklahoma has received its first three made-in-Oklahoma electric vehicles from Canoo as an innovative part of the state’s ongoing fleet modernization initiative.

At a combined cost of $119,850, these three Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles (LDVs) are the first of their kind in the state fleet, with one each assigned to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Corrections.

“For the first time in 17 years, vehicle manufacturing is back in Oklahoma,” says Oklahoma Gov. J. Kevin Stitt. “As we find new efficiencies within the fleet, Canoo’s new Oklahoma-made electric vehicles align perfectly with our fleet modernization goals, and I couldn’t be more excited to see them on the roads. I’m grateful for the team at OMES (the Office of Management and Enterprise Services) who are working hard to deliver taxpayers more for their money while finding ambitious new ways to improve our fleet.”

Fleet modernization is one of the governor’s current top initiatives to realize efficiencies statewide. Following his executive order, the OMES Fleet Management has worked closely with agencies to identify underutilized vehicles, downsize the state’s overall fleet and explore ways to advance central fleet operations. In 2023 alone, agencies have voluntarily turned in a total of 917 vehicles that have been auctioned through State Surplus, saving Oklahoma taxpayers an estimated $11.7 million.

While pushing hard to reduce waste, executive leaders have also sought ways to modernize vehicles within the fleet to drive better value and long-term returns on investment. One of these modernizations includes replacing outdated vehicles that are costly to maintain with environmentally friendly electric vehicles made in Oklahoma.

“Oklahoma is hub for the creation of new and innovative technologies, and Canoo is a global leader in electric vehicle development,” adds Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell, secretary of Workforce and Economic Development. “Beyond innovation, Canoo is creating over 1,300 jobs in Oklahoma, marking a significant economic impact for the state. I look forward to our continued partnership and am excited to welcome these new vehicles to the state.”

The LDVs delivered to Oklahoma are the first commercial motor vehicles built in-state since 2006 and the first to come out of Canoo’s new assembly facility in Oklahoma City. Paired with the company’s battery module manufacturing plant in Pryor, Okla., Canoo is establishing roots in the “Sooner State,” opening the door for greater economic development and employment opportunities for Oklahomans.

“Canoo is proud to bring motor vehicle manufacturing back to Oklahoma and create high-paying jobs,” says Tony Aquila, investor, chairman and CEO of Canoo. “Our innovative LDV 130 delivery vehicles will work for Oklahomans and help state agencies improve fleet efficiency. Our vehicles are perfect for how the state uses vehicles today, and our advanced telematics and lower overall cost of ownership will continue to pay dividends down the road.”

As the three Canoo LDVs are integrated into the government fleet pool, state leaders will continue to evaluate how the vehicles can best support agency missions and citizen services going forward.

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