NYC Waste Hauler Using Battery-Electric Refuse Trucks from Crane Carrier


Crane Carrier Co. (CCC), a Battle Motors truck manufacturing company, has made its first delivery of battery-electric refuse trucks to New York City with Liberty Ashes Inc., a waste removal and recycling firm.

Liberty Ashes will be using the Battle One Severe Duty Refuse (formerly LET) and Battle One Crew Cab (formerly LET2) trucks to service customers in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau and Suffolk areas.

“Crane Carrier is proud to work with Liberty Ash and looks forward to doing our part in electrifying the over 5,000 private refuse trucks in NYC,” says Michael Patterson, CEO of Battle Motors. “The Battle One Severe Duty Refuse and Battle One Crew Cab trucks are workhorses with sophisticated engineering, best-in-class features and quality that’s built to last.”

“The Battle One delivers the same comfort, visibility and reliability as the CNG- and diesel-powered Crane Carrier LET and LET2, but champions lower maintenance costs, reduced noise and zero carbon emissions,” adds Sean Gilroy, vice president of sales at Crane Carrier.

Liberty Ashes will be one of the first private sanitation and recycling companies to purchase and utilize electric refuse trucks in the greater metro New York area. They intend to use power generated from eight of their own solar stations to charge the Battle One trucks.

The company will also be building a waste conversion facility in Jamaica, N.Y., to convert 400 tons of municipal solid waste per day into renewable clean natural gas to fuel a fleet of hybrid electric-CNG vehicles.

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