NYC Gets Interoperable, On-Route Charging Solution for Transit Buses


New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions has deployed two rapid, on-route chargers along the New York City Transit Authority’s (NYCT) M42 route.

According to New Flyer, this deployment marks the completion of the first on-route charging solution in the U.S. that uses a globally recognized system to allow vehicle and charging equipment interoperability to common interfaces.

The chargers are operated by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, acting through NYCT as a part of an electric bus test and evaluation program. The program, officially launched in January 2018, continues to evaluate electric buses for America’s largest public transit system.

New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions led project management in partnership with Black & Veatch, which assisted with engineering, permitting and construction for the on-route charger equipment from Siemens.

The Siemens on-route chargers installed as part of the system are interoperable, and they follow OppCharge interfaces and the forthcoming Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J3105 charging standard, allowing heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs) of all types and models – including buses from other manufacturers that support and design to OppCharge standards – to use common on-route chargers.

New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions is also currently overseeing and supporting similar on-route OppCharge charging deployments in Portland, Ore.; Minneapolis; and Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Charging is a critical component of successful implementation of zero-emission public transportation programs,” says Chris Stoddart, president of New Flyer.

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