Nuvve Launches Website, Releases Infographic Detailing V2G Hub Projects


Nuvve Holding Corp., a global technology provider accelerating the electrification of transportation through its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) platform, has launched a dedicated website,, as a centralized landing page for information, resources and updates on its V2G Hub projects.

The company also released an infographic outlining the ways Nuvve is turning electric vehicles into flexible storage through this first-of-its-kind offering.

Nuvve’s V2G technology bridges the gap between energy and transportation, while simultaneously regulating energy on the grid. The company’s V2G Hubs feature leading V2G EV charging technology that precisely manages the charging and discharging of parked EV batteries while also prioritizing vehicle and driver considerations including battery health and charge needs for driving duties.

The firm is partnering with local governments, fleet managers and utilities to implement projects that reduce electric fleet costs, improve grid resiliency, better integrate renewable energy sources and ultimately speed up America’s transition to decarbonized transportation.

“We see our V2G Hub offering as a key tenet of our future growth prospects, as these large-scale projects allow us to bring the best of our capabilities and services into one centralized offering that opens the door to significant, steady recurring revenues for years or even decades to come,” says Gregory Poilasne, CEO of Nuvve.

“In the first quarter of 2024, Nuvve has already achieved two key V2G Hub new business wins that represent significant future upside potential for our business,” adds Poilasne. “As this offering continues to gain momentum, we are pleased to launch a landing page of resources for customers and other stakeholders interested in learning more about how Nuvve partners with communities looking to electrify in an intelligent way.”

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