NovaCHARGE Expands Fleet Package with FLEXX Mobile Charging Systems


NovaCHARGE, a provider of utility-grade hardware and software for charging electric vehicles, has expanded its total solutions package for fleets with FLEXX mobile EV charging systems. This new solution will ensure efficiency, productivity and ease of transition to EVs for fleet managers of municipalities, enterprises and utilities.

The company now offers fleet managers a way to recharge fleet vehicles without the need for a stationary charging infrastructure. FLEXX mobile EV chargers satisfy the need for off-site charging in remote locations and enable emergency rescue charging for fleet vehicles with exhausted batteries, thereby avoiding towing fees. A mobile EV charging system is provided for departments of transportation, roadside assistance organizations, airport operations, construction sites, outdoor event operations and anyone requiring charging at transient fueling locations.

FLEXX mobile EV chargers are compatible with any Open Standard vehicle and charging network via OCPP 1.6j compliancy. Fast charging of up to 120 kW is available with the dual DC fast-charging connections and larger battery capacities of up to 300 kWh. The systems carry a two-year parts and labor warranty and are easy to tow using light trucks equipped with standard tow hitch hardware. The units may be implemented as a stand-alone solution, or as a complement to a full suite of EV charging solutions networked on ChargeUP EV charging platform management system.

By integrating into an EV charging network, fleet operators will always know the location, battery condition and dispensing rate of the FLEXX system. Through integration into ChargeUP, rescue vehicles, for example, will be able to dispense energy services for a fee to ensure a proper ROI for their FLEXX system, while saving consumers from high towing bills.

“Today, fleets have a problem in that vehicles with low batteries can easily get stuck far from the depot, with only a costly towing service as the answer to recovering the vehicle,” says Oscar Rodriguez, chairman and CEO of NovaCHARGE. “By offering FLEXX mobile EV charging systems, we are expanding our Fleet Director solution to provide fleet managers a total solution that will ensure their electrified fleet will be at full operational readiness.”

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