North Carolina Fleet Converts Vans to Propane Autogas


Adult Life Programs, a nonprofit organization offering adult day services and transportation to individuals in Catawba County, N.C., recently deployed new propane autogas vehicles in its fleet.

The organization worked with Alliance AutoGas to convert a Ford E-350 passenger van and two Ford Transit passenger vans to bi-fuel propane. Alliance AutoGas member Blossman Gas was chosen as the refueling partner for the project.

“A top priority for our organization is to be a leader in the community. We saw an opportunity to set an example for the area in being more environmentally conscious with our fleet, and we are happy that the decision was made,” says Mark Bumgarner, executive director of Adult Life Programs.

“Our drivers were hesitant at first,” he remarks. “However, they were pleased to discover how simple the refueling process is. The Blossman Gas store in Hickory has been very accommodating to our autogas needs and answering any questions we have.”

When speaking on serving Adult Life Programs, Jimmy Daley, manager of Blossman Gas in Hickory added, “It has been a pleasure for our store in Hickory to take care of Adult Life Programs’ autogas fuel needs. They provide important services to our community, and we want to make sure they can continue providing those services. Blossman looks forward to helping the adult day services bring better air quality to the community while saving on fuel prices by using autogas.”

“Our vans are on the road two to three times a day, five days a week,” Bumgarner says. “We continue to look at ways to grow our programs, and with that includes analyzing our fleet and utilizing propane autogas.”

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Nicholas Littlejohn
Nicholas Littlejohn
4 years ago

Renewable propane is now happening in Europe and in California, even cleaner.