Noodoe Rolls Out Electric Fleet Management Solution


Electric vehicle charging solutions provider Noodoe has debuted its Electric Fleet Management Solution, a cloud-based operating system for managing all aspects of EV charging services, setting up a new electric fleet or managing a mixed fleet in the process of transitioning to electric.

“The ever-increasing intricacies of fleet management brought about by the EV revolution have disrupted the way companies worldwide do business,” says Jennifer Chang, Noodoe’s CEO, noting that the company’s platform “streamlines electrification efforts, easing the transition to electric vehicles.”

Noodoe says that with the Electric Fleet Management Solution, fleet administrators can easily manage vehicles, telematics devices and EV charging stations, assigning and reassigning telematics devices and moving them from gasoline/diesel-powered to electric vehicles seamlessly. The solution integrates with new and existing telematics devices to provide the live status of every fleet vehicle, including its current battery level when in the field or the amount of energy already transferred when charging.

The Noodoe system also manages both the fleet vehicles and the business’ charging stations, giving dispatchers a complete overview of their entire operation from a single platform. Fleet managers do not need to be concerned with calculating vehicle charging and departure times, as integrated dynamic load balancing and advanced smart scheduling make it easy to manage fleet charging times autonomously.

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